Monday, July 28, 2008

Homeless and feelin' good

The last two weeks have been a frenzy of packing, planning, and farewells. The apartment is officially Hannah's now and we're officially homeless wanderers. Or maybe a better term for it is adventurers, or perhaps vagabonds. I'm in Melrose and dropped Matt off at Logan airport for his flight to Orlando. He'll be visiting his family for a few days, amazing that it's been a three year hiatus. I'll be repacking our stuff, organizing the car, and visiting friends and family for the next few days. I keep getting chills of excitement!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life has been amazing the last few weeks. The cousins weekend went perfectly, despite some rain. I think everyone had a great time and there were no casualties! We packed a lot into a few days including Shelburne Farms, Ben and Jerry's Factory tour, North Beach, and Sunset Drive-In.

The fourth of July was spent on the waterfront watching the fireworks show. The funniest moment of all was the ducks dive bombing out of the air into the lake after the first fireworks were set off. They then proceeded to launch themselves several feet out of the water after subsequent booms. Hilarious! The show was beautiful, although I do miss the music choreography that Boston does. Mom was here for the 4th and then stayed for a few days. We also had a small yardsale. Dave and Sully came for a couple of days too. The apartment was packed!

Went camping the following weekend with Hannah and friends. Had a blast and the weather was gorgeous. It was a trip being back at Silver Lake again. Camping also reminded me of how much work and stuff we'll need for our cross-country journey (16 days and counting)! Also, sefore we leave on the trip Matt is spending four days in Orlando with his family!

Matt and I have a rough route we're going to follow.

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I'm thrilled, ecstatic, excited!!!!!