Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday crafting and yellow kitchen in afternoon sun.

Matt was inspired by Julia Child and made omlettes at 9pm. BEST OMLETTES EVER! It's all in the wrist..... and butter.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Letters to a Young Therapist

Spent the past couple of days reading Mary Pipher's "Letter's to a Young Therapist: Stories of Hope and Healing." This is the type of book and advice I have been searching for over the past year. As a new therapist I feel compelled to read and discover the wisdom veteran practitioners bring to their craft. I was struck over and over by the simplicty of her messages, meaning through hope, connection, and love. I feel compelled to incorporate the use of metaphor into my work more often as well. Just this week I used the metaphor, "elephant in the room" (or is it an idiom, I have no idea) with a client and it struck a cord with her.... she had never heard the phrase before but quickly identified with its meaning. Pipher's continual message of self-care and life development resonated loudly with me as well, specifically using the usual "homework" concept to encourage exercise, afternoon walk, reading a book, going to a potluck, or chatting with a friend. These homework tasks are not just for the client but for the therapist as well. I feel refreshed reading this book, a gentle reminder of the slow development of the self as therapist and the simplicity of approaches that can be truly healing.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finally got my crafting mojo back. A couple of weeks ago we moved from our apartment to a larger unit upstairs. Love the new place and will post pics of it sometime soon. I finally felt settled enough to set-up my sewing machine. It makes sewing go so smoothly. I've tried my hand at two envelope-style pillows. I followed this really basic tutorial to be sure I got the backs right. One quilted and the other plain. I love how both of them came out! Can't wait to make a matching set and possibly a quilt.