Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Turned 26 a month ago.

Walked/jogged my first 5k with Hannah last week too. I'm continuing to jog a few times a week, slow going but feels good.

I go for my ILEHP evaluations tomorrow. What a ride that internship has been. I think back to the grueling work and ALL THE WRITING!! Jesus, I'm glad I had no idea when I began. I know it's been worth it because I have learned so much. Those people are so inspiring. I am ready to move on.

Graduating with my MSW this weekend. Looking forward to celebrating this long journey with everyone and finally beginning life unencumbered. God, the privilege and the sacrifice to study have been immense. People say I will miss school, but right now I think they're crazy.

Matt and I are planning to move somewhere out west, San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle. Depends on where we get jobs. It's time for an adventure!

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Hannah Ruth said...

Love the pic of you at the bottom!!!