Friday, June 6, 2008

NYC 08

Hit up NYC for a few days. Went by bus from Boston to NYC early in the am. We stayed at this funky hotel in Manhatten called The Pod. That day we went to see the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Awesome time and we barely made it in since there were so many people in line. Jon Stewart is hilarious and I was laughing the entire time. The guests were Scott McClellan (former Bush Press Secretary) and B-52s' Fred Schneider!

Besides that we did a ton of touristy stuff like visiting the Met:

On the rooftop there were some big, bright, and shiny sculptures by artist Jeff Koons:

We did a bunch of other things like walking through the city and spending time in central park. We also ate the biggest sandwich I have ever seen from the Carnegie Deli. Oh man, there was so much brisket on two tiny slices of bread. We had to eat it with a fork!

Cal and Steph came out with us one night for dinner and drinks at an Irish Pub. The trip was really fun and I am still in awe of the city!

p.s. We ate some really yummy cuban corn:

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