Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things have been busy. I have been slowly sorting and selling a bunch of our stuff. Our time in Burlington has been dwindling and there is so much to do! Traveled to Boston Sunday night, bought a roof rack for the car, and the M had a meeting in Manchester, NH the next day. I drove up back to VT in the van with Mom. It was fun and great to catch-up with her. Yesterday we went to M's company dinner at the Icehouse. It was a good time, we as good as that type of thing can go. :-)

This weekend the cousins are coming to Burlington for a few days. I'm borrowing mom's minivan and picking everyone up Friday afternoon. It is going to be nuts! There is a lot going on in the area so there will be many choices. Hopefully they won't mind all crowding in the living room! I'm hoping that it will be nice enough to go for a swim, tubing, or a hike.

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