Sunday, April 12, 2009


Tuesday's CSA Box:

Mizuna (greens)
Green Beans
Red Onions
Snow Peas
Red Bibb Lettuce
Garnet Yams x2
Hass Avocado
D'anjou Pears
Acorn Squash

The past few weeks we've been drowning in tons of apples, oranges, and grapefruit. We decided to take a break this week so that we can catch up, so we substituted for some extra yams and avocado. Any ideas for good yam recipes? For dinner we made curry and used all of the peas and green beans. I feel like every week is a marathon vegetable eating session! Our neighbor is a member of another CSA that delivers to the apartment so I'm going to compare boxes with him sometime soon too.

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Hannah Ruth said...

So jealous you are eating so many fresh fruits and vegetables! I am still waiting to get my plants and seeds into the ground.

Great recipe for sweet potato(yam) is making it into a curry soup! Cook it with vegetable stock, add curry powder, cook till soft, blend, add a splash of cream.

Another great way to use it is slice it thin and drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper and grill it up.

You could also make a potato salad with celery and red peppers and onions with a honey mustard vinegrette, just diced and roast the potatoes till cooked through and toss with the chopped veggies and dressing.

Hope those ideas help!