Monday, April 6, 2009


Started to get into the crafting routine and then suddenly the weather was too gorgeous to even think about staying inside. I even have the sunburn to prove it :-( !
My first project, and one that took the longest was to purchase a good sewing machine. I spent a long time trying out machines in different shops and scouring craigslist. It took awhile but I finally found an awesome machine. At first I was completely against getting a computerized sewing machine but after trying it out and at such a great price I went for it! There are a ton of embroidery stitches and other tricks still to be discovered. I think the best part of the machine is the needle threader. It also has a feature for quilting where the top and bottom layers of fabric are both pulled at the same speed. My first fun project was to make a potholder. I chose this so I could make something quickly, practice quilting, and we actually needed one! The crafting trifecta.
There are are a milion other things I want to make. My latest inspirations have been this and this. For the second quilt I checked out the book from the Seattle Public Library only to find that the pattern templates weren't inside! Big bummer! Still trying to decide if it's worth it to purchase the book. I'm thinking that making a mini-quilt will be a good starting off project. My biggest hurdle is building up my fabric stash. Such a hard job! ;-) I think I can handle it. Got most of my fabric from a yardsale a couple of weeks ago.


Hannah Ruth said...

Super jealous of the quilting feature of your machine. I have had a killer of a time trying to find a box to mail everything in. I am going to skip mailing the quilting mat and guide ruler so that you can at least get the books and other sewing tidbits, they will go out tomorrow :-)
Love the potholder, its SO cute. What did you use for the batting?

~Creating a dream~ said...

Um I LOVE them and want them and I want to make some now. DAMN IT!